Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet Reviews in 2018

No sore Bunionettes, ever.

Merrell’s have been my hiking boot of choice for many years. I live right off the AT and love them so these are no exception. I spend a lot of time on the trails and because they tend to be the most comfortable supportive footwear I own I go through boots a lot.

The Moabs are a nice leather and mesh design that is waterproof and has odor control too which makes them ideal for trails, even when it’s muddy. The fit is comfortable, even though I have Morton’s Toe and bunionettes. I love the fact that there’s two colors, though I’m partial to the Periwinkle.

My favorite feature has to be the lower. The Vibram soles really make a difference when you’re putting in the miles and provide great cushioning so your feet don’t feel like they’ve taken a pounding.

The arch is molded nylon which isn’t flexible but it’s much lighter than a steel shank so it’s still a sturdy base without weighing your feet down (important for long trips). The sole has a good texturing pattern to it and the tread extends around the heel and ball so that you can get over uneven terrain easier, though it doesn’t extend as far as the toe cap.

The second thing that is great is the upper design. It’s leather but the meshing makes it look more like a tennis shoe than a leather boot. This also helps keep your feet cool and make the shoe feel breathable rather than constricting.

It’s waterproof (more resistant, I wouldn’t go creek running in them), so even if the weather turns your feet will stay dry until you can get to shelter. The mid height also helps to add ankle support so you’re less likely to stumble on uneven ground.

Inside you’ve got the bellows tongue which stops your foot feeling squashed as it moves by having foam – it squeezes air and stops dirt getting out without being a big foamy pad.

The inside has a contoured footbed which is comfortable and helps cup the heel so you get less vibration through your knees and ankle. It also has a built in organic odor control which is really useful. The bed is made of EVA plastic which is more durable than polyeurethane.

Best Hiking Boots for Wide Feet – Merrell Moab

Features And Specifications

  • The upper is made of leather and is waterproof but it’s paired with a mesh design to make them feel comfortable and breathable.
  • The lower is a Vibram sole to absorb the foot strike and keep your feet from getting fatigued when you wear them for a long time.
  • The lower is made of a molded EVA with built in organic odor control technology.
  • The shank is a molded nylon which is light and fairly inflexible.
  • There is a bellows tongue to keep out debris.
  • The laces also have speed laces at the top and soft loops on the foot so that the laces don’t wear as fast and you can get them off quickly.
  • They come in two colors – Periwinkle grey and Bungee brown.
  • These come in a women’s fit for sizes 5-10 C/D, they are not extra wide but are widely cut so they are still comfortable if you have wide feet. These also come in a wide version for extra wide feet.
  • The sole is textured to provide traction on slick ground and uneven surfaces.
  • The insoles can be removed and replaced with orthotics if necessary.
  • These are waterproof on arrival, but will need resealing treatment after a while.

What Customers are Saying

These are great for wide feet and they require very little breaking in. They’re comfortable and your feet won’t hurt even if you’re wearing them for long periods of time. They have great traction even on gravel and slick ground. The design has support and everything you need in a comfortable shoe. These are especially comfortable if you need extra support in your arch area since the nylon shank is solid and paired with the molded foot bed.

The downside is that this can be uncomfortable if your foot shape does not have a high arch or does not need the extra support.

Another issue is that these are a buff leather which can be tough to clean, so the bungee color is actually better because you won’t notice mud or trail dirt as bad. The bungee color also doesn’t show scuff marks as bad as the periwinkle. You can also Scotchguarrd them if you’re that particular, but being reasonable these are hiking boots not dinner shoes.

I’m happy to recommend anything by Merrell because they’re such a reliable brand and the shoes are just a well designed shoe all round.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Anyone who wants to be outside. These are great outdoors shoes whether you’re hiking, or trail walking, or even just on your own land. These are great for wet days outside, and even going to the park if you don’t have tennis shoes. These would also work for anywhere with uneven terrain but they are lacking a steel toe so no rocks. The mid height makes these great for someone who wants better ankle support or more arch support.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

Women with low arches or narrow feet. Merrell tends to run slightly wide so you don’t need to size up most of the time. The solid foot bed and high arch means these could be uncomfortable depending on the shape of your foot. Similarly, if you are climbing or need a crampon attachment these won’t work because there’s no toe or heel protection.


The Merrell Moab is one of my favorite hiking boots because it’s a good all round shoe that just happens to be comfortable on long trail walks too. These are great for wide feet, and having two colors is nice. Comfort comes first, and it’s got all the functions to conquer most mid difficulty trails, certainly anything I’ve encountered locally on the AT.

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