20 Shocking Statistics About The World We Live In

In this list we have 20 statistics, facts and figures taken from some of the top US government official websites. We wanted to provide a quick-fire overview of how the US is doing in terms of debt, poverty, homelessness, immigration and all of those topics that are close to our hearts as preppers and survivalists.

1) 2.2 million – The number of people incarcerated in the United States, who is the world’s leader in people currently in the prison or jail (we have seen a 500% increase over the last thirty years.

2) +17% – The rise in the number of people in jail or prison in the state of Arkansas, between 2008 and 2013.

3) 5.4% – The current US unemployment rate (down from 6.7% in 2014).

4) 8.5 million – The number of unemployed in the United States.

5) 578,424 – The number of people who are homeless in the US today.

6) $4.5 Billion – The amount of federal funding for homelessness in 2015.

7) 33% – The decrease in veteran homelessness we have since in the last 5 years.

8) 78.8 – The life expectancy of a US citizen in years.

9) 45.3 million – The number of people in poverty in the US as of 2014.

10) 320 million – The current population of the United States in 2015.

11) 600,000 – Legal immigration is set to average 550,000 to 600,000 per year in the US.

12) 64% – The number of American adults that own a smartphone of some kind, up from 35% in the spring of 2011.

13) $15,609 – The average US household credit card debt.

14)  $156,706 – The average US mortgage debt for homeowners.

15) $32,956 – The average debt carried by a former student in loan debt.

16) 11.91 Trillion – Total debt owed by American consumers.

17) 4.4 million – The number of Immigrant Visa Applications to the US in the current backlog.

18) 2.4% – The umber of young adults (18-34) who are veterans – down from 9.4% in 1980.

19) $21.694 trillion – The expected value of the US gross federal debt by the end of FY 2015.

20) $56,506 – The amount of federal debt per person in the US.

What is your take on these numbers? A step in the right direction or are we all doomed?

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